Zeus von den Donau-Wirbeln - "Zeus"

Zeus is a beautiful solid liver stud that comes from Hege-Haus and Pottmes lines out of Germany.  Zeus does a great job working the field and finding his birds. He has perfect range for a foot hunter and a nose that can track with the best of them.  Zeus is a great example of a dog with an "on switch" in the field and an "off switch" at the house.  He has a great temperament, being good with both male and female dogs.  

Health Clearances:
OFA Hips:  Pending
OFA Elbows:  Pending
Cone Degeneration:  Normal (clear)
Degenerative Myelopathy:  Normal (clear)
Hyperuricosuria:  Normal (clear)
Von Willebrand Disease II:  Normal (clear)
Lupoid Dermatosis:  Pending

Emil v. Hege-Hof D1 S1 VGP

Derby 1, Solms 1, VGP, V1 confirmation

Dagobert v. Hege-Haus D1 S1

Derby 1, Solms 1

Yard KS v. Hege-Haus

Yelly KS v. Hege-Haus

Ariel KS v. Hege-Haus

Kamee v. Hege-Haus

Bianka II v. Altenbruch D1 S1

Addi v. Brottenbach

Anja v. Scheibenbuck

Sonja II Pottmes

Romanian Jr Champion, 4x CAC

Bari v. Doppelwald

Wega v.d. Zista

Erling v.d. Schletzenmuhle

Wega v.d. Zista

Firn KS v. Hege-Haus

Isadora v. Hege-Haus

Lugo Pottmes

Jecki Pottmes

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