Valu-Pak Free by Specialty Feeds, Inc.

We feed and recommend Valu-Pak Free dog foods. The "Free" in the name is because the feed is free of corn, wheat, soy, and gluten which are not needed by our dogs and would just result in more waste they would have to produce and for us to clean up.  The formula we feed our dogs is the Valu-Pak Free 28-20.  This formula contains 28% protein and 20% fat.  Hard working dogs need the proper nutrition to be able to perform to their best abilities.  Valu-Pak does just that for our dogs by giving them the amount of protein and fat they need from quality ingredients.  In addition to supplying the dogs with the energy and stamina they need, this formula also provides a balance of omega fatty acids and antioxidants to support strong bones, joints, and ideal muscle condition.  We also feed our puppies and lactating females the Valu-Pak Free 28-20 formula as it is an "all lifestages" formula. Every puppy from Breck Kennels is sent home with a 15lb bag to help with their transition home.  For more information about the Valu-Pak Free dog foods, please click on the bag to be directed to their website.