Acadia von Magic City NAII - "Cadi"

Cadi is a female from all German lines.  These lines include the infamous Hege-Haus and Pottmes lines.  Cadi loves water and was water retrieving at 30 yards at 4 months old.  She is a natural retriever and loves spending time doing so.  One of the best qualities of Cadi is that although she has an enormous amount of energy she is not wild.  She stops and listens and observes her surroundings well.  I believe this is one of the characteristics that is a result of her breeding and one of the reasons she is part of an effort for us to add more German lines to our breeding program. 

Cadi has 13 KS dogs in her 4 generation pedigree.  In other words, she comes from some of the finest GSPs in the world!

3/25/2018 - Cadi passed her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test scoring a Prize 2 (106)

Click Here to view Cadi's 7 generation pedigree.